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JM Machinery is the end result of Michael L. Dyer's 40 plus years of service in the Rubber Industry. He brings the experiences of design engineering, shop assembly foreman, field service technician, and salesman to this business. His knowledge of the industry, it's people, and the machinery and processes used in it is unsurpassed. So many years of visiting plants, asking questions, and listening to how the machinery is to be used, has given JM Machinery a process background unlike any of our competitors. We really do want to sell you the required machine for your application. If we don't have it, we'll find it, or build it.
About one quarter of our business is "on consignment" type sales. We make a straight commission, and everyone benefits. Idle equipment is turned into positive cash flow, and a need for equipment is filled at the best possible purchase price. It is a Win/Win situation.
"As is" sales make up another quarter of our business. One man's surplus is often another man's treasure. We have an uncanny knack for recognizing these opportunities.
Remanufactured equipment comprises half of our sales. We start with experienced engineers using computer aided design and engineering tools. Premium grade USA made materials and parts are machined and assembled by our skilled shop work force. This recipe assures you the customer that your machine will perform as desired, with a minimum amount of attention and maintenance.
We also buy a lot of equipment. JM Machinery has a world wide web of purchasing capabilities. We buy complete plants, or a single machine. We take pride in being the leading plant liquidator in our industry.
These are the main reasons JM Machinery has been able to meet the needs of the top rubber users in the world today.
Commitment to value, quality and service is what JM Machinery is all about.

Mr. Harish B. NeneJM Machinery is pleased to welcome Mr. Harish B. Nene as an agent for India and parts of Southeast Asia.
Harish has proven himself a capable and trustworthy ally in our worldwide endeavors.

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