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15 - 12 Extruder

Used or Rebuilt Extruders
We often purchase really nice used extruders where a line was shut down, or a customer lost the business they were running. We can offer the machines depending on condition, as used, or bring them to our rebuild facilities and repair them.
We frequently have Davis Standard, NRM, and Royle extruders available. We occasionally come across Farrel, Kobe, Berstorff, AMF, and Pirelli extruders.
We can disassemble, clean and inspect, hone or replace the liner, hard face leads and re-machine or provide a new screw, acid flush the cooling passages, rework the gear reducer as required, lengthen the L/D ratio, or provide power roll feed box if applicable.
Our inventory is constantly changing, so please contact us with your requirements.

Current Extruder Inventory
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