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  • Hot Feed Extruders
  • 8" Royle Hot feed/Hot melt Extruder/Strainer, 125 HP DC
  • 8½" Farrel, drive to suit
  • 10" Farrel Hot Feed, hydraulic locking swingheads, strainer, 200 HP DC
  • 15"/12" Farrel Dump Extruder parts, (2) screws, new style fabricated base, (1) 15/12 transition section
  • Cold Feed Extruders
  • 2.5" Gumix, 16:1 L/D, power feed roll, 30 HP DC/SCR
  • 90mm Colmec Extruder, 16:1 L/D, power feed roll, 75 HP DC
  • 90mm Troester, power feed roll, 16:1 L/D, 75 HP AC/VFD
  • 4.5" NRM, 17:1 L/D, power feed roll, 120 HP AC/VFD, crosshead
  • 4.5" Davis/NRM, 12:1 L/D, power feed roll, 125 HP AC/VFD, crosshead
  • 150mm Berstorf, 16:1 L/D, power feed roll, sheet head, motor to suit
  • 200mm Kobe, quick clamp head with breaker plate, 17:1 L/D, 400 HP AC/VFD
  • Kobelco Twin Screw Roller Head Extruder, TSR450, sized for up to 300 lb. batch
  • C-3 Barwell
  • cleaned, repaired as required, tested $45,000
  • cleaned, rebuilt, tested, painted $70,000.00
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