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Our Miscellaneous Rubber Machinery is the broadest category we list. We use this for ancillary items such as skivers, knitters, bale cutters, and the "not so often" sought out equipment. In reclaiming rubber there are choppers, grinders, sifters, and devulcanizers used. Curing rubber can utilize autoclaves, ovens, salt baths, or rotocures. Deflashing equipment includes tumblers, trimmers and wheelabrators. Gear reducers, connecting gears, bullgears & pinions are parts occasionally requested, as well as motors and controls.

Are you looking for a particular piece or type of equipment that you don't see listed in our inventory?
Spare parts such as 72" mill rolls, the odd mill end frame, a 32" Ų set in press pot assembly or a compression press strain rod, would come under the "hard to find" category.

Call us with your requirements, as we don't list everything.

Current Miscellaneous Inventory
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