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Secondhand Presses
We can offer a good used press, which we clean, inspect, touch up guides, install a new packer, test run at 2500 psi and finish paint. We offer this for customers whose budget does not allow for a complete rebuild.
Rebuilt Presses
Old, junky looking presses can be revived, as long as the castings are sound.
We sandblast, disassemble, machine the pot for a new packing area, new bronze in throat, repair or replace gland ring studs, new register and bronze liner in gland ring, undercut - metallize with stainless steel, finish grind ram, new monoseal packer, acid fluch and blanchard grind platens (or install new electric platens) blanchard grind head and bolster, rework the guides, assemble, test run at 20000 / 2500 psi, finish paint.

Current Press Inventory
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