JM Rubber Machinery

Your Surplus


We offer a few different plans or options, to suit the customer's needs and desires whether liquidating a whole plant, a complete line, or just accumulated idle equipment.

Plan A - Write the check and haul it off.
Basically we agree on a price, write the check, and have riggers load the equipment and truck it away.
Plan B - Straight commission sale. We evaluate the equipment, appraise the customer of the anticipated sales price, advertise, sell, and collect the funds for the customer, selling right off the customers floor, on an agreed to commission basis.
Plan C - Consignment Sale - Your place or mine. We fix a price for the equipment, and sell it from your plant or haul it to our warehouse and sell it on an agreed to commission, plus the handling costs.

We can work with you on any of the above ways, or create a special arrangement, to better suit any needs.

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